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Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is a 5 star luxury resort in a fabulous location on the sunny Costa Blanca in the south of Spain. There is something quite special about Las Colinas and everything it has to offer. Wherever you are within the resort you can expect to enjoy a unique sense of luxury, peace, tranquillity and seclusion from the rest of the world.


Not only has Las Colinas Golf & Country Club won several prestigious awards for its championship golf course, but also for its properties. It has won awards for the Leading Villa Resort in Spain in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020 as well as Europe’s Leading Villa Resort in 2017 and in 2019. It has become one of the most prestigious and sought after locations to own a property on the Southern Costa Blanca and the south of Spain.

Las Colinas Golf Course

Due to the popularity of this outstanding resort, building of both villas and apartments continues to take place in some communities. However, building has finished in many communities meaning no availability of new build properties. With the resort approaching its 10 year anniversary, resale properties in Las Colinas are starting to become more available. This gives property buyers the opportunity to purchase both villas and apartments in communities which have been completed and where there are no plans for further properties to be built.

Why Choose Resale Properties in Las Colinas?

At Las Colinas Property For Sale, we sell both new build properties and resale properties within the Las Colinas Resort. As well as the opportunity to own a property in completed communities, there are other benefits to purchasing a resale property within Las Colinas Golf & Country Club.

When you purchase a new build property in Spain, the price is non negotiable. It is set by the builder and there is no option to haggle and have it lowered at all. However, when purchasing resale properties in Las Colinas and in Spain in general, you are able to negotiate the sale price with the current owner, just as you are in the UK.

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When purchasing a resale property in Spain it is common for it to come with all interior fixtures and fittings as well as furnishings. Everything from the sofa and the dining table to the crockery and cutlery is often included. In particular, if you are looking to purchase a property to rent out this is a huge bonus. This is also something else you can negotiate on when putting an offer in on the property.

Another advantage of purchasing resale properties in Las Colinas and in Spain is that it will be ready to move into as soon as the sale goes through and you are handed the keys. However with new build properties, you will often have to wait for the building to be completed. If you are having a villa built for you from scratch on a chosen plot, this usually takes 12-16 months.

Resale Apartments in Las Colinas

In particular, resale apartments in Las Colinas give you the opportunity to purchase an apartment in a community where they are no longer being built. Unlike villas, you do not have the option of having one built for you on a chosen plot within the resort. Once the newly built apartments in a block are sold, that is it.

Resale Properties in Las Colinas


As an example of resale apartments in Las Colinas, there is currently a stunning penthouse apartment for sale within an exclusive community of just 16 apartments. Surrounded by breath-taking views of the Mediterranean forest and out to sea, communities such as this are highly sought after and the penthouses, in particular, can be difficult to come across. The Madreselva Atico Penthouse has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is on the market for €395,000. This is a fantastic opportunity in terms of resale apartments in Las Colinas, one which may not come up very often.

Resale villas in Las Colinas

As we have discussed above, you are able to have a villa built for you on a chosen plot within Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. However, this of course takes time. Resale villas in Las Colinas give you the chance to purchase a luxury villa that is complete and ready to move into without having to wait for any period of time. Available resale villas in Las Colinas may include villas in communities where the option of having a villa built is no longer an option.

Luxury Villas & Appartments in Las Colinas Golf & Country Club - Las Colinas Prperty for Sale

For example, there is currently the fantastic opportunity to purchase a villa within the Palmito Community which was built in 2013-2015. It is central within the resort with stunning golf and woodland views. It is one of the most exclusive communities within the Las Colinas Resort being made up of just 6 luxury villas in total. 2 are semi-detached villas (Abejaruco Villas) and 4 are detached villas (Pardela and Malvasia Villas). The villa in question is a huge 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom Pardela Villa. It is on the market for €895,000 after being reduced from €929,000. This is a rare and unique opportunity for someone to own one of the most exclusive villas in the resort.

If you are interested in resale properties in Las Colinas then please contact us here at Las Colinas Property For Sale. We are always here to help.

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