Las Colinas 10th Anniversary


10 Years of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Having opened its gates for the very first time in 2011, the famous Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is approaching its 10th anniversary. In its 10 years, this spectacular resort has gone from strength to strength, proving it fully deserves its 5 stars.

When visiting the resort there is no denying it offers something special. Everything about it oozes luxury, peace and tranquillity. Everything the resort has to offer is of 5 star quality including the golf course itself, the luxury sports and lifestyle amenities on offer and the properties. Nothing has been let slip here.

In light of Las Colinas 10th anniversary, below, we discuss and celebrate the successes of the resort over the years as well as more exciting things to come moving forward. To celebrate this milestone the resort is set to unveil several new and improved state of the art facilities.

Spain’s Best Golf Course

In it’s 10 years, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has earned itself the very deserved reputation as having one of the best golf courses in the world. Its par 71 18 hole golf course has won several prestigious awards over the last 10 years including ‘Spain’s Best Golf Course’ in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2020 at the World Golf Awards. We will find out in October if they will win this for a fifth year after they were unsurprisingly nominated once again. Now let us explore what it is that makes this golf course so special and why it has earned such an impressive reputation.

The golf course itself was designed by the highly renowned landscape architect, Cabell B. Robinson. Committed to protecting the environment, Robinson creates golf courses that fit perfectly into the surrounding natural environment, just one of the things that make Las Colinas Golf Course so special. Robinson himself stated that golf course architecture is an art form and you can see why. As you make your way around this fabulous golf course you feel an immense sense of seclusion from the rest of the world. The resort has been built in a large valley giving the illusion that the course extends as far as the eye can see. This unique sense of peace and tranquillity leaves you to feel fully relaxed and focus on the golf.

Las Colinas Golf Course

Las Colinas Golf Course has earned a reputation as being a must for golfers of all abilities, to be enjoyed by all. It is the ideal course for a leisurely and affordable game for everyone as well as being suitable for professional competitions.

It is certainly no wonder that Las Colinas Golf & Country Club can spend their 10th anniversary celebrating the incredible success of Spain’s best golf course.

Leading Resort For Property

In the 10 years since Las Colinas Golf & Country Club opened its doors, not only has it earned the reputation of having Spain’s best golf course but also as being one of the best resorts to purchase a property on.

Las Colinas Resort have won several prestigious awards for their properties and there is no better place in Spain to purchase one. The World Travel Awards voted it Spain’s Leading Villa Resort in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020, Europe’s Leading Villa Resort in 2017 and 2019, Europe’s Leading Resort Villas in 2020 and the Worlds Leading Golf and Villa Resort in 2018. This of course gives Las Colinas Golf & Country Club a huge amount to celebrate in the approach of their 10 year anniversary.

3 bed villa las colinas - pool at night - las colinas property for sale

Looking at both the stunning luxury villas and apartments on the resort it is easy to see why. Nothing has been missed and every single property on the resort has something special to offer. The incredible success and popularity of property here means building has continued to take place and will continue to do so for years to come while maintaining the exclusive feel the resort offers.

Las Colinas 10th Anniversary Celebrations

2021 has been and will continue to be a year to remember at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club as it celebrates the milestone of its 10 year anniversary.

Notable additions to the 5 star resort include two new phenomenal dining experiences located in the Mediterranean style Clubhouse building, Unik and Umawa. Unik has a varied menu that reinvents classic dishes to satisfy the tastes of all its visitors. Umawa focuses on Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) cuisine with local Mediterranean produce including a huge variety of different seafoods.

Also in for a treat are visitors of the Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Beach Club. Located a short drive from the resort at La Glea beach in Campoamor the Beach Club has been stylishly renovated with an elegant new look and renamed WOW Beach, with an improved menu.

Wow beach club las colinas

The already award winning golf course has undergone improvements itself. With an emphasis on sustainability, golfers can enjoy a new course design offering an enhanced golfing experience. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club work in association with Golf Environment Organisations On Course programme. As well a better golfing experience, the changes create more natural habitats for animals living on the golf course as well as reducing the amount of fertiliser and water needed to maintain it.

As well as the new and improved facilities discussed above, Las Colinas’ 10th anniversary celebrations include a calendar filled with celebratory events throughout the year. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club property owners, golf members and other resort guests are all invited to take part in the activities.

Continuing with its focus on the environment, after the launch of the anniversary programme, a sponsored tree-planting project went ahead at the resort. Following this the packed calendar includes several sports tournaments including golf, tennis and paddle. For the evenings, several social events such as a ‘white night on the beach’ Ibiza themed evening have been organised for everyone to enjoy.

With so much to celebrate on Las Colinas’ 10th anniversary, we are excited to see what the next 10 years hold for Spain’s best golf course and this wonderful resort.

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